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mercedes stock show

I have a friend with an older copy of the stock certificate. We cannot discover that organization or the CUSIP amount anywhere. The subscribed workplace is within Panama, however I can’t imagine it makes a difference. Any aid you are able to supply will be greatly appreciated!
I haven’t been capable to obtain anything regarding the business (Deltec Holdings, Inc.) CUSIP # 247837107. The organization is not a US business. It has a seal within the Republic of Panama 1976.

Answer by jrp_radar
If a neighbors copy of the stock certificate is from a US Company you are able to contact which business to locate out what agency was issuing it. Really aged certificates from firms from a extended time ago may have went bankrupt, or been purchased out with a bigger corporation. Then there was clearly a matter of hot stock inside the businesses stock. However probably we have a meaningless pice of history. Unless are you able to post the businesses name plus somebody could tell we the history of the firm. Next possibly file for a hot 1. A great deal of businesses inside panama where US based. Then following Noriega is out a few of these businesses are no longer inside exisistance because the US gave up control of the canal.

Below is the Company Info for Deltec Asset Mgmt. Corp
From the Securities plus Exchange Commission

plus from Stock Picker ( This shows there present Holdings)

Deltec Asset Mgmt. Corp.
535 Madison Avenue
NY, N.Y. 10022

Contact This Group plus superior chance

Deltec Asset Mgmt Corp.
c/o ADP Proxy Services
51 Mercedes Way
Edgewood, NY 11717
Fax:(631) 254-7618
Tel:(631) 254-7400

mercedes stock show